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Alt Ed FAQ

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

General Program 

Is HVA NCAA approved? Yes, but it is not that simple.  In short, NCAA does not approve virtual academies; it approves curriculums.  Michigan Virtual University, HVA's online provider, offers NCAA approved courses.  NCAA accepts HVA's transcripts, and will often require students to take an additional step providing documentation from Michigan Virtual.  While online adds this additional step, HCS' adept counselors will navigate the path best for students.
Can Alt. Ed students still take AP classes or dual enroll? Absolutely!  Every opportunity for course scheduling is open to Alt. Ed students.  AP classes, dual enrollment (both Face-to-Face classes -WCC is in our building- or online, and share-time classes are available. Course selection options and enrollment availability are subject to the providers and on a first come first basis.
What is the difference between HVA's homeschool (Aeries Aviator) and online learning programs (E-Eagle)? Homeschool students, by Michigan law, can only participate in non-essential or elective courses with school districts.  Therefore, the location where a student receives content does not matter as much as who is responsible for delivering the content.  Online students complete much of their work at home, but their work load can include core subjects because they are taught by Michigan certified educators, and homeschool students can enroll in elective classes taught in schools.

Online Learning

What or who provides HVA's curriculum? Currently Michigan Virtual University provides courses for HVA.  Students that have failed a course can take a remedial course through a different provider similar to HHS.  HVA is working to develop online courses taught by HCS educators for future offerings.
Approximately how long should my student be working on school assignments daily? Online school is a commitment! Causally logging on or approaching it like "checking emails" will not garner success. Students in a face-to-face instructional setting would be in class for seven hours.  While seven may not be necessary, your student should plan on daily participation of at least 2-3 hours for high school schedules of 6 classes.
Are students still required to come to school? The single most important factor to impacting online course passing rates is accountability.  Relationships forge a means for accountability, opportunities for real-time assistance, and create social emotional bonding, so students have a once per week physical lab requirement. For more information about attendance requirements visit the Alternative Education Policies and Procedures.

Alternative Education Graduation

Are Alt. Ed dipolma's different?  Are they some how marked or noted for colleges?  No! There is no difference between any of HCS' schools' diplomas. The diploma is issued "Hartland Consolidated Schools" for everyone.  For more information about graduation requirements visit the Alternative Education Policies and Procedures.
If my student transfers to Alt. Ed, LEGACY or HVA, do they still participate in a graduation ceremony? Two actually! The HCS Commencement, typically held at EMU (or other large venue), is for all HCS graduates from every school.  Traditionally, Alternative Education has hosted a smaller ceremony in the HESSC auditorium in addition to the district wide celebration.  Your family has the option to attend all, one, or none of the ceremonies though we certainly encourage attendance.
If my student transfers to Alt. Ed, LEGACY or HVA, from HHS does he or she retain class rank, cords, GPA medals?
Though we are in the same the district, we are all separate schools. Therefore, NO, Alternative Education students are not ranked in HHS' class rank and cannot be in their Top 10.  LEGACY and HVA do not have class ranks.
GPA medals, known as Summa and Magna Cum Laude, however, are earned by students for acculumative GPAs.  These are not specific to a school.  Alternative Education students can receive a medal if they have acheived the honor.
Cords are awarded by individual organizations or departments.  HHS cords are specific to their groups.  If a student earns cords through Alt Ed, he/she is welcome to wear them.

Alternative Education Extracurriculars   

What types of extra-curriculuar activities can my Alternative Education student participate in? As an HCS student, you have privileges to attend sporting events, homecoming, prom and any other EAGLE social event of your choosing.  The only governance of your entry is your behavior.
Can my student participate in HHS sports? If your student is an Alternative Education student in grades 9-12, they are welcome to try-out for an HHS' sports team.  Please see the Athletic Department's Home Page for more information.
Are there sports offered in Alternative Education? LEGACY High School does participate with MAAA (Michigan Alternative Athletic Association) when interest prevails.
Are there clubs offered in Alternative Education? Clubs available to Alternative Education students are developing.  If you are interested in creating a club see the principal.