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About HVA

Hartland Learning

Hartland Learning

EXPERIENCE MATTERS: Online learning may be new for some; but HVA has served Hartland students for the past decade. Since 2011, when HCS opened Hartland Virtual Academy, our mission has paired the flexibility of online learning with individualized student attention to support success for all learners. 
HVA offers three plans to ensure a best fit learning program for many students in grades 6-12.  Please seee the programs pages to learn more about those offerings.

Hartland Promise

Hartland Promise

CONNECTIONS MATTERS: Families throughout the district recognize, the Hartland Way to educate makes the difference.  Rigor and opportunity, along with quality and reliability are pillars of our academics, and in Hartland these are complimented by the RELATIONSHIPS our educational teams build with students ensuring their progress.  HVA continues that district mantra priding itself in developing meaningful connections that promote success.

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In the Heart of the HART

In the Heart of the HART

COMMUNITY MATTERS: Hartland Virtual Academy enjoys residency in the Hartland Educational Support Services Center.  The central hub of our school district, the HESSC Building, is also home to many essential community connections like the Senior Center and the  Hartland Chamber of Commerce. 
How do I enroll...

How do I enroll...

The flexibility of Hartland Virtual Academy allows for students to pursue dynamic opportunities. Throughout the years, HVA, and by extension HCS, has encouraged and supported virtual learners while they were...
  • participating as a member of a federal campaign 
  • earning credits while studying abroad
  • studying individualized curriculum
  • training for national sports' programs
  • enrolling in college online courses
  • extended travel with family
  • touring for a dance company
  • acting in a movie 
  • And so much more....


Students enter this program through an interview process to schedule your enrollment meeting call the Alternative Educaiton Office at 810.626.2172