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LEGACY Alternative High School

Students in science class used microscopes to view different plant cells.

Students using microscope
Students using microsope
Plant cell as seen under microscope
Plant cell as seen under microscope

The chemistry class spent a few days working on forensic science projects. Here are models they made of the bones that make up the skull.

Student created skulls

Our science students participated in some Earth Day projects which included working in the LEGACY Garden and creating Earth Day posters.

Students making a garden
Students making a garden
Student creating Earth Day poster
Students creating Earth Day posters
Students working on Earth Day projects

Students made wreaths out of paint swatches with Freedom Works senior citizens.

Student made a wreath
Student made a wreath
Students made wreaths

Students started off the year in science by getting to know each other with a problem solving challenge in Ms. VanHoorelbeke's class. Each group of students were given 25g of marshmallows and 50g of noodles. The task was to see who could build the tallest tower by the end of class.

   3 students & science project
2 students & science project   students & science projects

Growing Seedlings for LEGACY Eco Garden

Growing Seedlings for LEGACY ECO Garden
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