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HCS Alternative Education

Ordering is simple and secure!

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Why are orders for transcripts placed with an external company, Parchment?
HCS graduates are going places, LOTS of places!  Prior to the electronic ordering and sending of transcripts, students would request sealed transcripts from their high schools and then have to send the transcripts USPS to every post secondary institution, scholarship or other requester.  Some institutions required that public schools sent the sealed envelope further lengthening the process, but were necessary for their federal compliance. There were many opportunities for human error and when deadlines are at stake electronic ordering made the process faster and easier for everyone.
What is a typical Parchment process?
  1. The student or parent creates an account (parents can "order on behalf" of a child).
  2. The student/parent enters the school attended, chooses transcript and selects the destination(s) the transcript is to be delivered
  3. Parchment processes the transcript from HCS and post-secondary institutions receive your records securely based on the delivery preference of the destination.
Know what else is great?
Students/parents may track requests online.  Email notifications are also available, and families are alerted every step of the transcript process. 
Alternative Education, LEGACY and HVA, is always here to help.  If you are having trouble with the Parchment ordering process do not hesitate to call the office.
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